Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Google Plus Rescue Dog / the Art of Everything

Profile photo>Google Plus Rescue Dog   #why?

I found my little blurb over there today (shivering and cold) and I figured I might as well re-post it someplace more fertile. A place with central heat and running water.

Poetry, Philosophy, and Comedy are buddies. Almost a gang.
I'm very interested in the ART of Everything.
I like to surf (when I can) and ride my motorbike.. For years now I've been writing songs and poems, things you can finish in a day (usually) and at the ripe old age of...not twenty anymore, I can safely say without hesitation that it's all ART. How you conduct your daily business, how you treat people, animals, and the furniture... "style"... Everything matters. Raking leaves is just as poetic as writing a book..that said, I've raked enough leaves for one lifetime. 
Go here, Purchase multiple copies and feel warm and fuzzy about it. 
 Then go on a full-scale link binge.


Good Job! "Welcome to Walmart, I love you"

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