Monday, September 16, 2013

Mary Magdilinium
 Mary Magdilinium cover art
Testing....1,2, is this mic on? this is my loose attempt to connect the dots.
Two sordid years of computer problems and I am just short of going caveman on the modern world.
I wish I could be a snob and insist on touring and pressing records with zippers, wiggle pictures and pop up cartoons inside but alas me pockets reflect a different approach to audio production. So be it. WE assembled and cut this song in about a half an hour. Based on a riff I had been noodling for twelve months without resolve. (my attempt to emulate African guitar styles without fancy retuning) Eric has a great ear and launched into a great rhythm almost immediately, After some vocal overdubs,  guitar and some bass she was allset to sit on a shelf till I could figure out how to move the audio over to bandcamp... Better late than never. 

Peace, B.B.
Its Mary Magdilinium
she pretends to work a pendulum
she mix a little bit of magic and dance to make the folks swing and sway

what they say? well its all right its all right yea
its all right if I say that I love you

Its Mary Magdilinium
she pretends to work that pendulum
when you get them tongues wagging you got to hear what they say

what they say .. what they say?

Well, a penny earned is a penny saved
and that's what they tried to tell you when she's out there on the biggest wave

Mary Magdilindium...
its all right....Its all right if I say that I love you.


released 04 August 2012
Eric Clemow on drums Lyrics and other noises by Bristow