Friday, September 5, 2008

Surf movies 2008 - "Live" and "Longboard Habit"

Music of Brandon Bristow is currently featured in the newly-released surf film “Longboard Habit” – A Burnt Toast/Katz Eye Production.

Also featured in the newly-released Dave Parsa surf film “Live”

Live – A Music and Surfing Experience

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hello, my name is:

My name is Brandon Earl Bristow and this will be my brief attempt to be clear. After which, all bets are off.

Straight ahead story telling is almost an impossibility for me.
(I blame the English language at least partially)
Any idea that has an ounce of grace or insight comes up straight against it with a loud hyper suppressed clang!

and there we are....
goddamn forced into poetry.

Well here I am, knee deep in blog land and I am already questioning my agenda. Do I have one?
I would suppose that I do.
I make up songs.
generally they are words set to music and I record them. I have become a producer for lack of a better word, purely as a means to an end. I love music.

My first intention was simply just to post my song lyrics here to avoid dealing with my website                        ( )
Maybe this can be something more unique than that.

Hope to hear from ya~ More soon, B

a crack in the sidewalk


words and music by Brandon Earl Bristow
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there's a crack in the sidewalk
and I'm taking it up as a good sign
roots in the water
it's about time

take up your pickax
I'll take up mine
bring down the walls and let the water down river
maybe the world will forgive us in time

hey lonely mamma, well tell me do you feel it?
they take when you give em'
so don't you let them steal you away

see all your children, playing in the street
you'll tell them your story when you're oh so old
see the tears roll down their cheeks
their crying freedom, so called freedom
you're all american in back of a gun
with you're reason, so called reason
look into your heart and pick yourself a one love

there's a crack in the sidewalk
and I'm taking it up as a good sign
roots in the water
it's about time