Friday, April 19, 2013

Dude Where's My Drummer? or Bill Ward Where Are You?

I Love (old) Black Sabbath....  BUT.....Let's talk about (new) Black Sabbath! "13" for a moment.

I would love to give two shits about this release!

I have an issue.


Not including the original Black Sabbath drummer is like removing the concrete foundation from under your house.

The inevitable question pops up...WHY?  Maybe he lost his groove? maybe he's really into Hello Kitty and needlepoint these days and can't be bothered??  NO.    Somethings rotten in kitchen here.

Greedy pricks are everywhere. Please prove me wrong. Until then. FUCK YOU Tony Iommi and FUCK YOU OZZY!  Hey,  Geezer Butler...are you part of this debacle?  Then fuck you too! 

I am truly curious about this new "Black Sabbath 13" but without Bill Ward I am afraid I will be forced to purloin  it....Just to send a message. I like Albums and Cd's and physical product.. I like to support my favorite Artists....

I Will BUY "Black Sabbath" when Black Sabbath is good and present.  

LOYALTY fellas......   Google it.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Price

                                                                        The Price 
  An old poet can say with a sly grin to an audience of cats and a stray ear from over/btween the fencing, that he never "really lived" .... Expectations fold up their wares and roll to greener pastures, a bird takes flight.... No sale. 

But wait, come back.... A salesman, a neighbor, a rambunctious boy, they turn attentions elsewhere...UNIFORMLY...predictably...

 The sly grin increases.... The eye secretly sparkles.... He goes back inside to be alone with his books, some tea, a dry oak fire,  a table,  a chair..."I never fully lived" repeats a self refracted tone.... Ha h ha ha... Only the cats hear me these days... What say you then, kitty? The old man opens a reluctant, rain soaked window and lets the cold pour in... He stands up straight with his feet apart to address the now vacant street, planted there like an oak himself, looking younger than five minutes prior,

"I'll never fully die!"   

A window shuts, a shade drops, a cat curls up by a fire.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Perfectly Appropriate


Once in a while I take a walk
Our road runs a little over a mile through a piece of gorgeous forest before it hits the highway

On these walks I take along the modern version of the "Walkman" 

Last week I was trying my levelheaded best to take my walk and simultaneously understand (at least partly)  the juicy science in an audio book by one of my favorite authors, Michio Kaku. This book is called "Parallel Worlds" (unabridged parts one and two) great stuff. 
My whole neighborhood is a dead end road. 
An island in the pines containing a handful of streets, a volunteer fire house and a pond. 
You learn to recognize the local characters by car, truck or quad. The people here have a lot of space and privacy but we share a common road out of the woods. Its nearly the only time I have to interact with my neighbors and its usually short and sweet how I like it. "Howdy Tom! fine weather we're having today, Yup, Catch ya later."  
I like to think my neighbors are on generally the same page insofar as forest appreciation goes but here and again I find, on a regular basis... Trash, on the side of the road. A Coors can here a Coke can there and occasionally a pile of cigarette butts in a perfect little pile of ashes showing that they stopped the vehicle, opened the door and dropped the vile cargo exactly inches above the scene of the crime. I am always trying to profile the evil doers in my head and it takes over my attention from the birds the bees and my main man Michio and his theoretical physics.  
An oncoming pickup with an elbow sticking out. 
Is it him? 
I just cant tell and short of dressing up in camouflage and hiding in a tree I may never catch the bastard or bastards...or bastardettes for that matter.
What the hell would I do if I did catch them?  I have a plan ....  It involves dumping my garbage in their vehicle or on their porch whatevers easier but something else has caught my attention. 
A plastic water bottle squished flat and weather beaten comes into focus in the dirt a foot or so off the blacktop.  

                                              Coyote shit is balanced perfectly on the bottle. 

                                  Nature herself has sent a representative to address the situation. 

                                                      How perfectly appropriate.

 Now that I know I am working the case in cahoots with the forest dwellers I feel a whole lot better about my chances with regards to Justice, Karma and all that good shit.

Time to get back to eleventh dimensional hyper space, bird watching and a little jogging if the knee holds up.