Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dupers Delight - Eckhart Tolle

"Duper's Delight" is a term created to describe that uncanny feeling we get when someone is gloating internally about deceiving us. It's classified as a "micro-expression," but sometimes it's not so very micro at all.

Take Eckhart Tolle for instance, a strange little man with mole qualities and a creep factor so large it vacuum seals any room he enters.  Tolle is a self help guru with legions of followers, fans, readers, attendees and whatnot bobbing around in his 3 horsepower wake. In his best seller "The Power of Now" he extolls the virtues of detachment to the extent you get a real sense that he is taking you for a a van.

Also... boredom...
When you are being strung along by a poet, a priest, or a politician, there always exists that familiar circular feeling, "anemic sentences" I call them... literary Cocoa Puffs.

I found Tolle haunting a small audience in a quiet room on YouTube last week, up on stage wearing what I would describe as a "Serial Killer sweater."

Sweater withstanding, the mole-man took his questions from the frothy crowd with a purposefully slow demeanor that stood the hair up on my arms and made me instantly furious.... I don't know why....

It's instinctual, I suppose. I tend to be fairly connected to my animal roots and my roots conferred, gathered round, exchanged glances and lit a few torches on first contact with digital Tolle.

So maybe he's helping people you might say.


But if we were living tribally, I would make him move downstream by threat of force with instructions to rethink eye contact with my children, and what's more, I wouldn't feel the least bit bad about it.

Like I said, it's instinctual. I think he's a creep, call it a skill... 

Ha ha ha...yes, I'm going on and on about somebody I know nothing about.

 I skimmed the book and fast-forwarded through huge chunks of his talk...

I remain totally uninformed about Mr.Tolle, the man, the myth.

 That's the beauty of it...


vintage photo - courtesy NASA archives.